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Kathy Beaven , Children's Dietitian

Tel: 07779085638

Email: [email protected]


Are you looking for a private dietitian or nutritionist to help you to feed your child or children safely and healthily, or perhaps to deal with an allergy?

Why choose to see me?:

As a registered dietitian, I can help you to provide nutritious family meals which will suit all of the family providing ideas and solutions to difficulties you may be facing with feeding your baby, toddler or teenager. From weaning to baby led weaning to picky and fussy eaters to following specialised diets to help treat disease and allergy and to provide support and advice for weight loss, I can help you.

I am able to offer appointments generally sooner than you could be seen via the NHS. I can provide longer appointments, allowing time for you and your child to discuss the issues and what your aims of treatment are.

I can also offer a more timely review, for as often as you require.  

I can see you at home or in a friendly non-clinical, private environment and at a time to suit you. You are guaranteed continuity of care, seeing the same person for each appointment.

My advice is specifically tailored to you and your family using evidence-based care.

'I really liked your advice. I found it helpful and practical. The leaflets made lots of sense and I feel comfortable with her calcium intake now and feel it's a bit less of a stab in the dark! '

Are your family mealtimes hell?

Is your child fussy, faddy, picky or averse to eating?

Is this just a phase or becoming a real problem with providing food for all of the family or going out for meals? Maybe they are becoming overweight as they will only eat 'rubbish'?

Are they getting all of the nutrients they require to grow and develop and to reach their full potential?  

As a mother or father providing healthy meals for your children is part of your daily routine, however having a fussy eater makes it a struggle. A child not eating in the family is one of the most stressful things which can happen in family life. No-one really understands unless they have been there themselves. Everyone believes it is the parents fault. Actually there are lots of reasons why children do not eat. Sometimes it is just toddlers pushing boundaries, other times it is much more than this. If not caught early this can lead to other behaviour problems and entrenched feeding difficulties. I can help with all of these, the recognition and the difference between them whilst offering strategies to improve things and move your child and family forward to making meals less stressful and manageable for all involved.

I am a therapist for the SOS (Sequential-Oral-Sensory) approach to feeding. This provides assessment and treatment for children with entrenched feeding difficulties, including oro-motor or sensory issues. I work closely with an occupational therapist to provide solutions for severe cases of feeding difficulties. To see the page on severe feeding difficulties, click here.

It is important to understand the difference between a dietitian,

sometimes spelt 'dietician', and a nutritionist or a nutritional therapist. Click above to understand the difference.

  Dietitians are the only registered professionals to provide evidence-based practical dietary information to help improve health and prevent and treat disease. Dietitians are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council. Check out my registration by going on the hcpc website.